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Frequently Asked Questions

Q What are the levels of expertise and commitment needed to row with SMRA?


A  We have three levels of expertise: Novice, Intermediate/Recreational, and Competitive. 

  • Novice rowers have no experience and be grouped with similar members for instruction in the basics. In the Summer, we will host a week long Learn to Row course at the Chancellor's Point Recreation Center.  We also offer sculling development which is appropriate for all levels of scullers on Monday and Thursday evenings at the Chancellors Point Recreational Area.

  • Intermediate/Recreational rowers have working skills in rowing either scull and/or sweep boats. Their practices are a great workout, but not oriented for competitive racing. We currently offer Intermediate Sweep Rowing on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 5:15am.  To attend sweep rowing, athletes need approval from the program lead.   Many Intermediate rowers progress to the competitive program.

  • Competitive rowers train to participate in local regattas. This group practices Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 5:30am and sometimes on Saturday mornings. To participate in the competitive program, you must be able to row a racing single independently and have approval from the competitive program lead.  Competitive rowers maintain their fitness year round and follow a training plan with extra training outside of practice.  

Q What physical shape do I need to be in to participate in SMRA programs?

A  Rowing is an extremely physical full-body sport that requires strength and aerobic output. This is especially so at the Intermediate/Recreation and Competitive levels. We strongly recommend coming to SMRA in good shape and with your physician's blessing. 

Q What time are practices?

A   This depends on your group. Please see our Community Rowing Groups page for information on each group.      

Q How do I join?


A   Contact Sullivan Madden at to join.  SMRA membership runs each calendar year from January 1st through December 31st. Rowing on the water is typically conducted from late Spring to early Fall depending upon daylight hours, weather, and equipment availability. 



Regular Masters                              $300

Student (18+)                                  $100 

Off-Site Rowers.                              $125

Drop in (New Member/Guest)  $20 


Payments of amounts due to the Southern Maryland Rowing Association may be made by cash or personal check. 

  1) Cash – Provide your cash payment to any SMRA Officer. (Do not mail cash payments.)

  2) Check – Provide your check made out to "Southern Maryland Rowing Association" to any SMRA Officer, or mail to Southern Maryland Rowing Association, ℅ Nancy Fechtig, Treasurer, 46132 Levitan Way, Great Mills, Maryland 20634.

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